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Donor-Advised Funds

Improve the world for girls by using your donor-advised fund to provide life-changing support in the communities where they live.

Your gift can be designated to help where needed most, for child sponsorship, or toward one of Plan’s impact areas that aligns with your interests. Our staff is knowledgeable about donor-advised funds and can assist you to maximize your impact.

Request a designation from your Donor-Advised Fund Administrator.

If your administrator is not listed, please contact your fund sponsor directly to recommend a grant to Plan International USA today and see your dollars go to work in the lives of children. Please use the following contact information:

Plan International USA
155 Plan Way
Warwick, RI  02886

Tax ID Number: 13-5661832

In order to ensure your gift is applied according to your wishes, please notify us of your intent to recommend a gift from your donor-advised fund by calling 800.556.7918 or by emailing

Are you considering a new donor-advised fund?  Click here for more information.

We can only accept this payment method from U.S. drawn checking accounts. The 9-digit routing number comes first and is surrounded by the "" symbol, the account number comes next and is followed by the "" symbol. The check number is not used. The account information should be from a check and not from a deposit slip.