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Plan International USA’s development approach is rooted in the knowledge that sustainable change is possible only with local ownership. Leveraging our country offices’ decades-long relationship with community, government, private sector, and civil society, Plan and its partners at the local, national, and global levels co-create solutions that address community needs, strengthen local capacity, and promote gender equality. Plan offers funders and donors the advantages of a local organization with the expertise, reach, and reputation of an established global development entity.  We draw on best practices from our in-country offices and complement them with broader international trends; engage and build the capacity of the local community; evaluate progress and impact; and learn from what works well to deliver quality programs that will be sustained by the communities and nations in which they are implemented.

Through 240 locally-rooted field offices worldwide, Plan implements programs with expert staff members, who have a deep understanding of local languages, cultures, and norms. Programs are designed in collaboration with communities and local governments, based upon collectively-identified development priorities. Community members and government officials are also engaged in program implementation, from advocacy to monitoring impact and results. 

This approach builds not only sustainable development programs, but the capacity of communities to continue development on their own terms. Plan has earned a reputation with local communities built on respect and trust, facilitating a change in cultural norms that opens more opportunities for girls, youth, women, and other marginalized individuals. With programs that align with government policies and that often provide training for government staff, Plan’s programs also appeal to national governments, which frequently adopt the programs as their own. Rigorous studies show that Plan projects have been maintained and expanded through local partnerships years after Plan’s involvement ends. Our goal is to ensure a brighter and healthier future for children by leaving communities with the tools, knowledge, and commitment to remove obstacles and create paths to a better life for everyone.

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