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Our Vision

Plan International USA is a girls’ rights organization. Our aim is to create a more equal world by transforming the lives of 100 million girls around the world so that they are safe, educated and economically empowered. We’re clearing the barriers that keep girls and young women from reaching their full potential.

Are you with us?

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Why girls?

Gender equality and female empowerment are fundamental to the realization of human rights. Experience and research have shown clear links between achieving gender equality, fulfilling children’s rights and ending child poverty. Investing in a girl’s future will not only improve her life, but also the economic condition of her family and her community.

We believe that girls' rights are human rights. But when girls face violence and oppression, their paths are blocked. Together, we must tear down the barriers, both systemic and circumstantial, that are ahead of her. Together, we must clear the way for her next step.

Her next step toward safety. Her next step toward happiness. Her next step toward the life that she wants.

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Your support can change everything for girls

Because of your support to Plan International USA …

21.6 million girls have been reached globally. 4.5 million girls have better access to quality education. And 6.8 million girls participated in gender-sensitive protection programs.

But we still have a lot of work to do for girls’ rights.

Will you join us?

How we’re creating a better future for girls

  • Gender & Youth Equality

    Plan works to remove harmful barriers like child marriage and human trafficking. We stand up for youth rights and ensure girls can take charge of their futures.
  • Maternal & Child Health

    Too many girls, children and young women lack access to quality healthcare, particularly sexual and reproductive healthcare. Plan is committed to health equity, promoting healthy behaviors and environments, and enabling strong healthcare systems so that girls and communities can thrive.
  • Education

    Around 132 million girls around the world are out of school. Plan provides equal access to quality, uninterrupted education, so that girls and children can grow into their full potential.
  • Skills & Work

    Girls and young women have big goals for their futures, but often, they don’t have the resources, networks, agency and access to pursue them. Plan provides girls and young women with programming that prepares them for professional careers of their choosing.
  • Humanitarian Response

    Girls in conflict are some of the most vulnerable. We work with girls and other community members — before, during and after emergencies — supporting them to secure protection, pursue their rights and achieve resilience.

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We’re working for girls’ rights across the world

Plan works to fight the root causes of inequality in more than 50 countries and 55,000 communities across the Americas, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Discover our program areas

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What makes us different?

GirlEngage is Plan International USA’s new approach to development, the first and only approach that’s letting girls become the drivers of the change they want and need in their lives. It is a strategy focused on adolescent girls ages 10-18 that makes it possible for the girls themselves to drive our programs — from designing projects, to leading activities, to measuring success.

Girls know the changes they need in their lives, and it’s up to us to listen and work with them, and for them, to make that change happen.

Discover more about our unique development model

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