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Marawi Response Project

Funded by USAID, Plan implements the Marawi Response Project together with its local partners to increase the self-reliance of internally displaced persons and members of their host communities affected by seige.

Maternal & Child Health

Case Study: Dreams Hubs connecting girls with each other and with a better future

4Children operated a total of 72 DREAMS Hubs as part of the project led by CRS in partnership with AVSI, FORSREF, Maestral, and Plan International USA. 4Children increases access to an array of basic services, tailored to the individual child’s needs, so that each girl will become Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored and Safe – the DREAMS approach to HIV Prevention among adolescent girls in Haiti.

Maternal & Child Health

Technical brief: Learning from the Nilinde Lamu transition

Nilinde is a PEPFAR and USAID-funded project, implemented by Plan International, which holistically supports orphaned and vulnerable children due to HIV in Kenya. This technical brief presents the process leading up to, and outcomes from, the Nilinde transition out of Lamu county, including highlighted success strategies and recommendations relevant to implementer in similar situations.

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