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Plan's cross-cutting programs are owned by the communities where we work.

What we do

Whatever her next step is, it's hers to take …

Together, we will remove the hurdles in her way.

Girls and young women continue to be the single most excluded group in the world.

Every day, they face injustices that threaten their education, their safety and ultimately their lives. Gender equality is a fight we must take on together — men, women, girls, boys, you, all of us.

Investing in a girl’s future will not only improve her life, but also the economic condition of her family and her community. And we will all be stronger for it. Our commitment to the full participation of males and females in their societies involves integrating gender equality into all of our programs. Experience and research have shown clear links between achieving gender equality, fulfilling children’s rights and ending child poverty.


Our development approach is rooted in the knowledge that sustainable change is only possible with local ownership.

Now, we're taking that one step further with GirlEngage, the first and only approach to development that’s letting girls lead the way. Our work with the girls is collaborative. We don't see them as beneficiaries, but rather as partners, and drivers of change. They are the experts in knowing how their lives are affected by inequality, and we are the experts in creating sustainable solutions. We’ve seen the challenges they face and come prepared with our toolbox of ideas, honed over years of experience. By engaging girls and young women in every stage of the process, we are co-creating resilient solutions that reflect their priorities, needs and visions.

GirlEngage is a part of all Plan’s work. Every program, every project, and every child we reach — it’s all inspired by girls taking charge. We can’t discover the best solutions to help girls achieve success without working with the girls themselves, their families, communities and policy-makers. And we can’t reach the girls without you.

Together, we're tackling the root causes of gender inequality, challenging gender norms and working to end harmful practices like child marriage and trafficking. Our work focuses on five key impact areas — Gender & Youth Equality, Education, Maternal & Child Health, Humanitarian Response and Skills & Work.

GirlEngage creates a powerful ripple effect. It shows her family that she’s worth being educated. It shows boys that they are equal to girls, and that they can transform what it means to be a man. It reveals to her community that she can thrive in unexpected ways — even in what is traditionally considered a “man’s job.” It changes the perspectives of her lawmakers, so they can help protect her. It changes how she views herself. And that can change everything.

Join the fight for equality today!

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